"SHOCK and AWE" is the popular name
for the military doctrine of Rapid Dominance.

It's based on the use of overwhelming power, dominant battlefield awareness, dominant maneuvers, and spectacular displays of force to paralyze an adversary's perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight. As the aliens always say in science fiction, "Resistance is Futile!"

Our new "SHOCK and AWE" Strategic Approach to Search Engine Dominance has allowed us to get these results for our clients:

Client A wanted to rank for a highly competitive keyword (224,000,000 competing pages). After a few weeks, our client was not only on Page 1 of Google for that keyword, but in positions 1,2,3 and 4!!
Client B released a book, and wanted a keyword to compete against 3,090,000 other pages. We had Client B's page ranking #1 on Google in 16 HOURS!
Client C was on Google's PAGE ONE for the targeted keyword in TEN HOURS! One reason we have such loyal clients!
Client D was unable to get even into the top 100 for a highly competitive keyword. After we went to work, she was in the Top 50 in ONE HOUR.
We can't guaranteee these results, of course. But we think 3 for 3 is a pretty good track record!!

What Can This Mean For Your Business?

  • Need to put your business, product, or service in front of THOUSANDS more interested eyes?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the THOUSANDS of "systems, guides, and action plans?"
  • Just looking for a quick solution that works?

Tuscany Global Can Help You...

  • Increase targeted visitors to your offers, squeeze pages, or landing pages
  • Get found, crawled, indexed, and ranked for the "right" keyword phrases

Higher Value, Higher Rankings - Lower Time and Money Investment

My team is dedicated to getting your websites AND off-page properties ranked for the phrases your buyers are typing in to find your products and services. They know the value of scaling up content creation and distribution, but more importantly, Building Authority to those web pages and off-page properties so they get top rankings, get the most traffic possible, and provide clients with the biggest bang for their buck.

Wouldn't you rather focus strictly closing more clients or exploring new niches, and providing your primary services and products to your customers rather than be tied up in the tedious and repetitive tasks needed for promotion and publicity?

Instead of focusing on the promotion yourself it's a lot easier to outsource this portion and move onto your next money maker. It's also a lot more profitable...

Hi, I'm Brian Wilkes.

I've been doing business online since 2000 - in Internet years, that's almost forever!

My Tuscany Global team provides measurable tracking to get you ranked in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) obtaining multiple top 10, top 20, and top 30 listings.

But I can't show you everything we do... (we wouldn't be in business very long if he gave away all of our methods.)

I'm an Internet Marketer who's worked from home successfully for over 10 years. Since 2006, online services including web design and publishing have been my ONLY income. I make my entire living online, so I have to know what I'm talking about.

(I'm also a former news anchor, news director, talk show host, newspaper editor and wire service reporter - you'll see later why this is important to you!)

Tuscany Global specializes in getting you ranked for multiple listings for the keyword phrases your market is actually searching for... to buy the products and services your website offers, or just to opt-in to your sales funnel for future backend sales.

Phase 1: Campaign Set-up and Agreement
(Starts immediately after purchase)
Client Provides 3 Root Keywords for which You Want to Be Ranked.
We'll analyze your root keywords and develop multiple long-tail buyer phrases that have high search traffic and are penetrable for your short and medium term..
We will target one primary and two secondary keywords we'll analyze it and tell you the on-page (on your web site) adjustments and improvements that need to be made for you to get ranked more quickly for your desired keyword phrases. [Note: This type of analysis alone would run you anywhere from $400 on the low end to $14,000 or more from a professional Search Engine Optimization firm. Call a few up and cheeck; we'll still be here.]
Client Submits a Minimum of 100 Words Describing Your Business, Money Page and Market / Niche. The more information that you provide, the more relevant your campaaign elements will be, and the more click-throughs you will get to your money page.
Client Provides 50 Photos Relevant to Your our team is very efficient at spinning your scripts to create unique videos for promotion and distribution.
Phase 2: Content Creation, Distribution, and Promotion
THIRTY Videos Created and Distributed to Video Sharing Sites - We target your 3 keywords and manually submit them to YouTube. All videos are branded, relevant to your site's offer, and end with a strong call to action!

Warmest Regards,
Brian Wilkes and The Team.
Tuscany Global Corporation

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