About Us

Diversified Media, Service, and Consulting


2000: As Brian Wilkes Internet, our company initially provided affordable web hosting to small business at a time when our competitors charged thousands of dollars for a simple web site. Although we provided built-in site-building software, or clients said they preferred us to build the sites for them rather than taking the time to learn to use the software. Listening to the market, we began web design, building sites for businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations.

2003: We relocated operations from central New Jersey to western Kentucky.

2004: We began text editing, book layout, and publishing services for busy professionals.

2005: With the addition of video production and marketing, we changed the name to Brian Wilkes Media, reflecting our new presence across the media spectrum.

2007: Incorporated as Tuscany Global Corporation.

2013: We relocated primary operations to Southern Illinois.

Future Goals

We plan to expand into new areas and new technologies: cloud hosting, micro-continuity programs, while expanding our outreach in digital delivery of software, publications, and instructional programs.

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